" FunnelX" is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to generating more clients, customers and revenue online.

" FunnelX" is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to generating more clients, customers and revenue online.

Feb 13, 2024 - 19:24
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"This is Essential For Anyone That Wants To Sell More Courses, Coaching, Products Or Services Online..."
" FunnelX" is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to generating more clients, customers and revenue online.
Why? Because you get completely pre-written, 100% “fill-in-the-blanks” templates for ABSOLUTELY EVERY STEP of your marketing funnel.

Now you can get ALL the high-converting content templates you'll ever need to sell your products & services online including...

Sales Pages
Landing Pages
Order Bumps
Upsell Pages
Facebook™ Ads
Social Posts
Blog Posts
Webinar Promos
Affiliate Email 
Launch Emails
Nurture Emails
Promo Emails
Funnel HTML Templates 
PLUS MORE!    Regular Updates

Bonus Include-- Funnel Map/Subject Line/Action Guide

======How It Works
Download the Templates
Get instant access to all your Content.

1 Customize the Templates
Inject all Detail save and ready to use.

2 Save the Templates
Export your new templates, or re-use them to build even more online Buisness

3 Start getting more traffic, leads and paying customers... without needing expensive copywriters or a degree in marketing!

Resources to help you master in online Business .

Pricing: Normally, this essential pack of protection sells for $49, but for a limited time only, you can get all the FunnelX in this pack for just $9!
That's a huge savings of 81% off the regular price.Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.

Facebook™ Ad Templates
You get 4x high-converting Facebook™ Ads including a Long Copy ad, Lead Magnet ad, eCommerce ad and Retargeting Ad.
These ads have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, so you know they're tested and proven to get great results!
Landing Page Templates
You get 2x proven landing page templates... perfect for growing your email list by giving away a free lead magnet such as a free report or free video training. These landing page templates have been my 'go-to' landing pages for years... and now they're yours.
Sales Page Templates
Save yourself time & money by using these 3x powerful sales page templates. All you have to do is insert your own information - and boom, your high converting sales page content will be finished in a matter of minutes. Why hire an expensive copywriter when you can use these ones instead!
Webinar Email Sequence
Get your hands on this great sequence of 5x done-for-you webinar emails.
You get 1x Webinar Announcement email, 1x Reminder email, and 3x Followup emails to sell your products and services.
Order Bump Templates
Order Bumps are a great way to boost your revenue by offering complimentary products on your checkout pages.
You get 3x Bump Offer Templates including examples to copy. These include Bump Offers for Coaches, eCommerce Stores, and Course Creators.
Upsell Page Template
One of the most important pages in your funnels is the Upsell page. Without it, you'll struggle to run any sort of paid advertising such as Facebook™ Ads, or Google Ads as most of your profit is made from the upsells. I've spent years refining this upsell sales copy, and now you can use it for yourself.
Thank You Page Template
Thank you pages are often neglected. But this one is different.
Why? Because when you use this thank you page template, not only are your subscribers made to feel welcomed and special... you'll also be able to make some $$s because it includes a high-converting sales letter template to plug your products or services into.
Welcome Email Sequence
These 5 "fill-in-the-blanks" email templates are the perfect way to build trust with your new subscribers and start making more sales.
You get a "Welcome" email a "Story" email, a "Testimonial" email, a "Content+Pitch" email, and a "Case Study" email.
Nurture Email Templates
Giving your subscribers great content and real value is super important. That's where these 2x Nurture emails come in.
Simply add a few details about yourself and send these to your list to watch your email engagement soar!
Sales Email Templates
Sales based emails are the heart and soul of your email marketing. Which is why I'm giving you 9x different Sales Email templates to send to your list!
Here's what you get:
The "Coming Soon" template, the "Direct Promo" template, the "Objection Handling" template, the "Free Trial" template, the "Discount Offer" template, the "Upgrade Offer" template, the "Special Offer" template, the "Flash-Sale" template, and the "Free-Resource" template.
Product Launch Email Sequence
We've all heard the stories of Product Launches where people make thousands of dollars (and sometimes millions!) over the course of a few days. Well now you can run your own product launches with this sequence of 4x powerful 'sales-generating' emails.
Abandon Cart Sequence
There's nothing worse than doing all that hard work getting someone to your shopping cart page... only for them to abandon the cart at the last minute.
Well, here's some good news! Simply plug this sequence of 3x Abandon Cart emails into your autoresponder, and watch those sales soar.
Affiliate Email Templates
One of the best ways to increase revenue is to make more offers to your email list.
But if you've only got a handful of your own products or courses available, then you'll run out of offers pretty quickly.
That's where these Affiliate promo emails come in! Simply find a great affiliate product to promote, and then use any one of these 3x Powerful Affiliate Promotion
 email templates. Boom!
Blog Post Templates
If you've ever sat down to write a blog post for your website, then you'll know what that dreaded 'blank page' feels like. Yuk!
Thankfully, I've done all the hard work for you with these 12x Engaging Blog Post templates. Simply enter a few details about your products and services, then copy and paste the article to your website. Simple!
Social Media Templates
As you know, one of the keys to success with Social Media is posting frequently. But coming up with new content all the time can be hard.
And that's why I created these amazing Social Media templates!
In this module you get 50x Social Media Post templates to use for Twitter, Facebook™ and any other social media platforms you use. Now you'll never have to worry about what to post on Social Media again!
Funnel HTML Templates 
Html web templates for different industries, (Wight Loss, Chiropractic, MLM Network, Cyber Security,
 Therapist, Health Coach, Saloon & Spa). These funnels will inevitably convert your visitors
 to customers! These Funnel Templates are created to help online marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, 
and people who aren’t professional programmers. 
They can grow their business faster with our high-quality ready-made Funnels templates!
Funnel templates neither ClickFunnels nor WordPress Themes (and doesn’t include a shared funnels link OR WordPress Theme files).
 These are purely created through HTML, Bootstrap and PHP.

Bonus 1 #

Email Subject Lines"
Your email subject lines can make or break the success of your emails.

Get it right, and you’ll enjoy BIG open rates all day long. Get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to sell any of your products or services via email.
Bonus 2 #

Generating Funnels..."
...For Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators & Internet Marketers.

If you're not quite sure how your marketing funnel should work, or what elements you need to include when marketing your products or services, these handy funnel maps will show you exactly what to include.

These are the 10 essential funnels you need to succeed online, and they include:
The High-Ticket Strategy Session Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Product Launch Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Evergreen Launch Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Lead Generation Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Upsell-Downsell Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Free Book Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Live Webinar Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Evergreen Webinar Funnel Map (Valued $9)
The Cart Abandonment Funnel Map (Valued $9) 
The Client Onboarding Funnel Map (Valued $9)
You'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about funnels... including what technology to use, when you should use a funnel vs a website, and more!
Includes BONUS Action Guide, Planning Checklist & Funnel Marketing Sheet.
BONUS 4 # Business canvas Model

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