Two new Samsung watches may arrive soon, but will either pack chargers?

According to a 3C listing, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 could support the Galaxy Watch 4. But where are their chargers?

Two new Samsung watches may arrive soon, but will either pack chargers?

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Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series has appeared on China’s 3C certification site.
  • Four model numbers are listed, including two believed to be the Galaxy Watch Active 4.
  • There’s also no mention of included chargers, suggesting that Samsung may not bundle them in the smartwatches’ packaging.

Samsung‘s set to launch its next wearable flagship line later this year. We’ve already seen a Finnish certification firm spilling some of the beans recently. Now, a listing on China’s 3C site (h/t MyFixGuide) has shared some more details on the Galaxy Watch 4.

The listing suggests the Galaxy Watch 4 series (model numbers SM-R880 and SM-R890) will arrive alongside the Galaxy Watch Active 4. While the listing doesn’t mention the latter by name, it’s largely believed that SM-R860 and SM-R870 are the next Active watches. If you’re wondering why there are four model numbers, Samsung seems likely to launch the two models in two sizes.

What else do we know about the Galaxy Watch 4?

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Credit: MyFixGuide

As for specs, not much is mentioned about the two devices save for their charging speeds. The Galaxy Watch 4 and presumed Galaxy Watch Active 4 will support 5W charging, consistent with the previous models.

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There is one notable omission, though. No charger is mentioned in the certification. It could be that the chargers will pass through in a separate listing; however, there’s also a chance Samsung could not include chargers in the packaging.

While it may make sense to drop the chargers for smartphones like the Galaxy S21, it’s a risky move for a wearable device. While smartphone chargers are generally interchangeable, wearable chargers and cradles are a little more complicated.

It’s also possible that Samsung could reuse the chargers that came with the previous Galaxy Watch line. Either way, it’s too early to confirm Samsung’s plans. Once the devices pass through another certification agency, we might gain a clearer picture. For now, you may want to hold on to your Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Watch Active 2 chargers.