Class Scheduling System

Our PHP-based class booking system is a great asset for all websites used to announce various courses and seminars - foreign languages, crafts, business skills, musical instruments, etc. Once installed on your site, the course booking system will enable you to customize classes, add multiple teacher profiles, coordinate events between all participants, manage bookings and process payments. The smart user login allows teachers and students to access and edit their personal details and keep track of their lesson plans.

Class Scheduling System

Product Highlights
Enhance your education and training business by integrating an intelligent course scheduling system into your website! Add as many classes as you provide and present them in an attractive way to potential students. Invite the best teachers and make them familiar in advance.
Show All Available Classes
The course scheduling system allows you to announce an unlimited number of classes on your site. Add a topical image and detailed description about each class, set the start and end dates, specify maximum class size and price - and you are ready to publish the course! After adding teachers, you will be able to assign them to classes
Allow Students To Book Online
Site visitors can reserve their place at a selected class through a quick and intuitive online booking process. They only need to choose the class they would like to attend, as well as their preferred teacher and course dates and enter their personal details. If payments are enabled, students will be requested to choose how they want to pay.

Compile Your Course Schedule
With our online course booking system, you can organize all your classes into a timetable and manage schedule with ease. To add a new class into your schedule, you just need to pick a class from the drop-down menu and then choose date & time, select the teacher name, and specify the premises where it will be held.

Review And Manage Bookings
You can follow up and edit class reservations from a designated menu on the back-end. If necessary, admins can also add bookings manually. They can change a reservation's status with a single mouse click, sort bookings by status, check student details, keep track of received and pending payments, etc.

Create Vivid Teacher Profiles
The class scheduling software has a built-in teachers module which allows admins and registered lecturers to add and update their business cards. Having the chance to read more about each teacher’s life and expertise and to see their faces in advance, is a good way for students to make a better choice and shorten the distance

Collect A Rich Student Database
All details of students who have booked a course are collected and stored in the Students menu. You can sort them by class, monitor their payments, see their contact details if you need to inform them about any unexpected schedule changes and other events. You can also add students from the back-end of the class booking system.

Email & SMS Notifications
With our class scheduling software, you can customize various confirmation messages and notifications which will be sent to students automatically after each booking, payment, cancellation, etc. Teachers on their part can preview a schedule with their classes and registered students and then print them out so that they can keep up to date
Process Various Payments
The Class Scheduling System supports all kinds of online and offline payments. PayPal and Authorize.Net are integrated by default and are ready to use. If you need any other payment gateway on your site, check other on-demand methods. Course attendants can also use the standard (offline) payment options.
Multi-level User Access
All participants in the educational process (organizers, teachers, students) can access different areas of the online course booking system. Administrators have full access to all menus and can manage all settings. Teachers and Students can log in to their own profiles, edit their details, check class schedule, payments (students only), etc

Customizable Booking Form
You can edit the checkout form which students have to fill out in order to make a booking. Just select standard and required fields depending on the information you need for your database. You can show and hide the Notes box and enable the Captcha field to avoid spam messages.
Add Your Booking Terms
In order to finish their reservation, students have to accept your Terms and conditions. Add them into the designated menu on the back-end system. You can access and edit them any time, as necessity arises

Add Multiple Classes
Customize each course by adding a detailed description, catchy image, maximum number of attendees, price, and available dates.
Receive Payments
The class scheduling software supports various payments. PayPal and Authorize.Net are integrated by default. Request others...
Manage Class Schedule
After adding classes and lecturers, you can create your class schedule by setting the exact date, time and venue for each course.
Student Profiles
After enrolling for a course, each student can access his/her account, edit personal details, and check time plan and payments.
Present Teachers
Each class can be assigned to one or more teachers. Introduce them by adding a short bio, key expertise and photo into their profiles.
Responsive Design
The front-end UI of our online Class Scheduling System is mobile friendly. You can switch the 10 color themes to match your branding.
Take Online Bookings
Process and manage course reservations through your website. You can review all bookings at a glance and quickly change their status.
Customizable Code
Buy the online course booking system with a Developer Licence and make your own custom modifications! Compare licence options…

More Key Software Features
Our online Class Scheduling System can be tuned up with the following special features:
Installation Wizard & Cross Domain Integration, PHP Framework Protected Against SQL Injections, One admiN Module, User Permissions & Encrypted Passwords, Clean PHP Code. You may also benefit from our extra services:
Installation & Support, Free Updates, Remote Hosting, Custom Modifications, Extended Licence Program.
High-speed & Performance
The online course booking system uses the latest PHPJabbers framework which allows for a quick and highly efficient performance even when heavy databases are involved. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having 1 million listings and 8 million records!

Easy Installation
An Installation Wizard will automatically install the online class booking system for you. All you have to do is upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is or contact us to request a installation service!
Developer Licence
If you are a web developer, you can modify the course scheduling system by yourself. To do this, you need to get a Developer Licence. Then you will receive the PHP source code and a guide for our framework.
Check both licence options to make your choice.