Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2021

As restaurants reopen, a major concern for them is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus through surfaces, such as physical menus. Switching to contactless options like QR Code menus is the next normal for restaurants of all sizes. CDC in its guidelines clearly stated the use of disposable or digital menus.

Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2021

Provide disposable menus to guests and make menus available digitally
so that customers can view on a personal electronic device, if possible. If
disposable menus cannot be provided, properly disinfect menus before
and after customer use. Consider options for customers to order ahead of

Since printing disposable menus aren’t ideal given the rising costs, contactless QR Code menus are a viable option.

It takes less than a minute to upload a menu in the PDF format and convert it into a QR Code but it goes a long way in keeping customers engaged and safe.

You can create your own menu with self design QR Code. Also multiple QR template makes it better.   Visit