Create a Digital QR menu for your Restaurant. Their mobile is your menu now!

Create a Digital QR menu for your Restaurant. Their mobile is your menu now!
Create a Digital QR menu for your Restaurant. Their mobile is your menu now!

Worried about crafting a wonderful menu that is fitting for your family restaurant?
Worry no more and make use of our aicard Digital Restaurant Menu .A product like this guarantees nothing but the simplest and most excellent designs for restaurants Digital Menu that are catered to families of all sizes. 
This can be customized with ease to efficiently take care of both your business and personal needs .

--Make a QR Code Restaurant Digital Menu for FREE It's completely free! 

--Let your customers scan a QR code and see your menu with their phone.

--Reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by removing physical menus.

--Hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bars already use

--See live analytics for your menu like how many times it's scanned when .

--Hygiene The boost in cleanliness from a paper menu to a QR menu cannot be overstated. 

--Do you need to update your menu often? No need to reprint the QR code menu . The QR code is dynamic Menu Update Real Time 

--QR code marketing campaigns How Dynamic QR Codes Make Your Marketing More Effective . 

--Dynamic QR codes put your business right into your audience’s pocket. You can track and measure dynamic QR code statistics .

--Printing and Paper Costs A single paper menu, uncoated and in black and white, costs about 50 cents. 

--Environmentally Friendly The fact that every single guest that touches your menu necessitates that menu’s disposal is not good for a restaurant’s carbon footprint. 

--Menus change a lot. And you may have multiple types of menus. Whether that’s your strategy or you’re running out of ingredients, menus are dynamic. 

--Take Control of your home delivery business No Revenue Share, No Commission

--Tired of paying heavy commission to Aggregators?

--share your digital menu in a QR Code with your customers .To give your guests the ultimate dining experience!

--aicard is the #1 Digital QR Menu  that helps increase your revenue by digitizing the dining, delivery & pick-up experience.

--Invovative My Restaurant Menu Design and Easily Editable without reprinting of QR Code.

--Maximize your revenue with digital menus.

Whats Extra-------------

1. Customization and branding Design your own QR Code menu with logo(Download and Use Print Template)

2.Multi Language and Currency

3.Save Time and Money

4.Fast And Easy

5.Anytime and Anywhere

6.Hear Your Customer 

7.Flexible Restaurant Setting (Like View Only , View and Order or/and Order with payment)

8.Fix Your food Delivery Status (like Dining , Take way , Home Delivery OR/AND All)

9.Call On waiter 
10. Many More

--Still worries send your Menu (pdf/word File ) We will Update on your Behalf !

--Simple Steps Free Signup , Fill all Restaurant Detail along with Setting(Like Minimum Order Value Dining/Home Dilivery /Takeway anyone or all of them) . Create Menu Under categories (like dinner/Breakfast/Lunch...) Download QR CODE

Print (also use Print Template ) and place where you want ? Thats It!

-- Scan the QR code on the ?? Middle (or below) with your phone's camera app to live preview (Only Demo Purpose )