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Why need legal apge  Are You Sick Of:

1. Doing endless revisions for your fussy client?

2. Not getting paid deposits, milestones and final balance?

3. Putting in hours, weeks even months for a project your client refuses to sign-off?

4. Unrealistic expectations leading to disputes?

5. Clients not following your instructions?

6. Clients being unresponsive when they need to be, then chasing you when they do?

7. Clients always complaining, threatening to haul you to court or quit on you?

8. Clients constantly asking you for compensation for “material loss”, “opportunity costs”, “delay penalties” which were never agreed with you?

9. Clients wanting more, more, MORE which are out of scope and budget?

10. Clients expecting you to do EVERYTHING even though its not in your scope?

11. Clients wanting you to foot the copyright or third-party costs out-of-pocket?

12. Being worried that you have asked too much in terms of deposit and milestone payments?

13. Being scared that you have actually SCARED OFF potential clients with TOO MUCH contract stuffing? (conversely, being seen as amateurish by having a flimsy agreement)

14. Seeing the product of your blood-sweat-and-tears splashed everywhere without your consent or you getting properly compensated?

15. Worse: getting sued for copyright infringements when your client has been overstepping his boundaries without your knowledge?

If No Legal Pages

UNCERTAINTIES on whether your agreements are water-tight enough
GREY AREAS regarding your (and your client’s) legal obligations
INSECURITY on your (and your client’s) responsibilities, payment milestones
DOUBTS on whether you are charging or are being compensated fairly according to state laws




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